Kal Beidas

Letter from the President

Excellence and Innovation Built into Every Design

As we continue to meet the evolving needs of a demanding customer base, Aetna Bearing Company has grown to be more than just a product supplier – we consider ourselves a true engineered solution provider in every sense of the term.

Our customers rely on us to provide them with quality products and services they need not only to keep their products working, but to meet the end-goals of their own users. In a very real way, we’re not just committed to our customer – we’re committed to our customer’s customer, too.

As a driven ISO 9001 manufacturer, we never compromise on quality and continuously improve our products and processes. Aetna Bearing Company knows how even the smallest delay or problem can impact an organization and their reputation. Every product we release is one that we’re incredibly proud of.

We work closely with our partners on the development of new projects and to provide them with new and innovative solutions they need to develop their business. Regardless of how those business needs and expectations change, Aetna has a solution that won’t just meet them – our team of experts and solutions providers will offer the world-class solution to exceed them every time.

The Future of Tomorrow Begins in the Relationships of Today

Businesses that have ongoing relationships with Aetna Bearing Company develop strong foundations that withstand future challenges. The needs of tomorrow may be wildly different from the needs of today, which is why flexibility is always so important. The future requires new solutions and strong partnerships to adapt to an ever changing environment and we are here to deliver on that commitment.

Our customers are our partners. They become part of the Aetna family and we become part of theirs. Aetna Bearing Company is highly responsive and committed to serving the needs of all family members, from customers and employees through to the communities in which we have business relationships. One of the most important elements of that relationship – the factor that makes them stand the test of time – is that our customers can rightfully expect ongoing support throughout all business developments.

We deeply appreciate our continued relationships with current partners and look forward to serving the needs of future customers.



Kal Beidas | President

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