Aetna Bearing Company

An ISO 9001 Manufacturer of Bearings and Bearing Assemblies for Agricultural, Industrial, Automotive, and other Specialty Applications.
Metric Standard ISO Thrust Ball Bearings
Continuing the legacy of being your trusted source for superior quality Thrust Bearings, Aetna is pleased to announce the release of ISO Thrust Ball Bearings.
Custom Engineering
Aetna engineers work directly with customers to develop not just solutions, but the types of customized solutions they need to meet the unique challenges they face.
Product Analysis and Testing
Aetna Bearing in partnership with Elgeti Engineering provide unparalleled knowledge and expertise in bearing, idler, and bearing assembly testing and validation.



Aetna Custom Bearings and Bearing Assemblies

Aetna Bearing engineers work closely with our customers to deliver unique bearing solutions with optimized features to meet demanding application challenges.


At Aetna, we’re incredibly proud of the fact that we service the needs of customers not just in North America but also in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia as well. As part of our global commitment to excellence, the Aetna Sales Representative network is continuously evaluated for performance, representative opportunities and new territories.

We have a dedicated and passionate network of supplier partners located all across the globe, allowing us to continually expand our global footprint to bring our products to the people who need them when they need them the most.



Since 1916 Aetna has been a world class anti-friction bearing manufacturing company. Aetna’s commitment to quality products and dedication to constant and on-going quality improvement of both products and services have positioned us as a product and service leader for the new millennium.

Aetna’s products are used throughout the world in automotive, truck, agricultural, aircraft, and industrial equipment and a number of other diverse applications.

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