The Aetna Story

From the moment Aetna Bearing Company opened its doors on July 11, 1916, every product we’ve released, every decision that we’ve made and every strategy we’ve executed has all been designed with the same core belief in mind: that we should be providing only the highest quality bearings to the most diverse set of customers all over the world.

One of the major qualities that we believe separates us from so many other providers is that we care. The people we work with on a daily basis aren’t Aetna customers – they’re partners. They’re members of the Aetna family. As a result we’re not only highly committed, but also highly responsive to all members of that family including customers, employees, suppliers and even the communities in which we do business.

Since those formidable beginnings all those years ago, Aetna has proudly supplied bearings to the Aerospace, Automotive, Agriculture, Mining, Industrial and Military Complex sectors. We’re incredibly proud of our status as a world class anti-friction bearing manufacturing company and the strong reputation of quality, innovation and service that we’ve achieved is something we work hard to uphold with each passing day.

Aetna is a proud global supplier of bearings to the most demanding customers, and those customers deserve the best – no exceptions.

A Century of Innovation, A Lifetime of Achievement

At Aetna, we’re not ashamed to say that our commitment to innovation is unparalleled. Our first documented patent was published back in 1933 – US Patent Number 1,958,725. Feel free to look it up. From that moment until now, many of our greatest innovations have been born out of the same place: a need to solve the problems our customers are experiencing.

Innovation within Aetna is engrained in not only our culture, but our very DNA. Rest assured, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Aetna Commitment to Quality

As a passionate and driven ISO 9001 manufacturer, we at Aetna work tirelessly to uphold only the highest level of quality. While it’s true that we stand behind each and every product we release, we also don’t want to rest on our laurels. This is why we always engage in Continuous Improvement efforts to make sure the products we release tomorrow are better than the ones we released today.

Every one of our suppliers are held to the same level of quality commitment as our own manufacturing facilities, giving our customers the peace of mind that only comes with knowing their needs are being met and their expectations are being exceeded every step of the way.

Advanced Application Engineering

At Aetna, our engineers are highly trained, passionate, and hard-working men and women who use only the most advanced tools in the industry to validate bearings and systems design for each application.

Many customers don’t realize that the vast majority of bearing failures are not due to natural fatigue failure at all, but come from other forms of premature failure. These include but are not limited to things like contamination, overloading, misalignment, lubrication and more.

In our continuing effort to avoid premature failure, we work very closely with our customers during the design phase to ensure optimal bearing and system life and avoid potential issues that might give rise to these types of issues.

We have a tremendous amount of experience working with customers to develop a Design Validation Plan and Report (DVP&R) for all new applications and current production applications where the customer is replacing bearing suppliers. With our deep knowledge and experience with all things bearings, we are able to not only optimize the DVP&R to provide us with the actionable data we need to make the right decisions, but can also increase efficiency and cut costs at the exact same time.

We also employ our own in-house testing and inspection labs to validate all bearings, guaranteeing that everything is always up to the superior level of quality that this company was founded on back on July 11, 1916.

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