The vast majority of bearing failures are not due to natural fatigue failure. Instead, they come from other forms of premature failure such as contamination, overloading, misalignment, lubrication and more. At Aetna Bearing Company, we don’t want to see this happen.

In our continuing effort to avoid premature failure, we work very closely with our customers during the design phase to ensure optimal bearing and system life and avoid potential issues that my give rise to these types of failures.


We have a tremendous amount of experience working with customers to develop a Design Validation Plan and Report (DVP&R) for all new applications and current production applications where the customer is replacing bearing suppliers.

With our deep knowledge and experience with all things bearings, we are able to not only optimize the DVP&R to provide us with the actionable data we need to make the right decisions, but can also increase efficiency and cut costs at the exact same time.

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