Delivery dates quoted are approximate. Any failure or delay in shipment caused by any governmental order or regulation, difficulty in procuring materials, fire, strike, riot or any causes beyond our control shall not constitute a breach of contract nor shall any damages attach to such failure or delay.

Prices indicated are currently subject to change to the prevailing prices at the time of shipment.

Taxes: Buyer agrees to pay all excise or other taxes that may be levied on parts sold in writing.

Products are not returnable for credit or replacement unless authorized by us in writing.

If, for any reason whatsoever, this order or any part thereof, is terminated by the Buyer, such termination shall be effected with the understanding that charges may result there from.

Orders for special products are subject to shipment of an overrun or under run not to exceed 10% with the understanding that the Buyer will pay in full for such over shipment or will consider delivery of the order completed with such under shipment.

No warranties, express or implied, are made in connection with the sale to and use by Buyer or any other person of any product sold hereunder, except that, at our option, within one year from the date of delivery to Buyer, we shall replace or without replacement render credit for the purchase price for any product sold by us which from our laboratory examination shows defective workmanship or material.

This company shall not be liable for any injury to any person or property whether direct, indirect or consequential, or for any labor, transportation or other charges arising from the use of any product sold hereunder and found defective. The Buyer agrees for himself or itself, as well as for others who may acquire any of the products from Buyer, to accept in full and complete settlement and as liquidated damages therefore the replacement or credit as above stated.

Shipments hereunder shall be at all times subject to the approval of our Credit Department.

Receipt of an acknowledgement by the Buyer without prompt written objection thereto shall constitute an acceptance of these terms and conditions by the Buyer.

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