Aetna understands that meeting every customer’s exact needs is of paramount importance to a successful product.

Because of the drive to meet customers’ every need, we are fully dedicated to developing a close working relationship with each customer — providing ongoing research and development designed to find the best solution possible. To ensure the highest product quality Aetna conducts ongoing studies of the latest bearing technologies. Additionally, the engineering teams do extensive, rigorous testing in our in-house bearing testing facility.

This ensures that the best products are developed for customers through extensive testing and evaluation.


Aetna has a long history of successful R&D programs that have resulted in numerous patents and solution for customers’ challenges, including:

  • Patent US1,958,725 – T-type clutch bearing with smooth trouble free operation
  • Patent US3,272,576 – Step Shell design clutch release bearing with increase sealing in a compact package.
  • Patent US4,478,325 – Self-adjusting angular contact clutch release bearing
  • Patent US3,800,384 – Four-point bearing structure and method of forming.
  • Patent US 4,739,867 – Self-Aligning Bearing

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